When Cycling Families Travel


My husband and I took S, our almost two-year old, to Germany last month. We enjoyed visiting several German cities as well as Zurich. Very walkable and navigable cities with accessible public transit.

I did miss my kid-carrying bicycle. See, I ride with S nearly everyday at home in Boulder. I rarely drive and so the bike is my main mode of transport, and an enjoyable way to get around with a toddler. He loves riding, perched in his seat on my handlebars. Bicycling lets us feel connected to neighborhoods, which also makes it a particularly good way to explore new cities.

I would have loved to bike around these new German and Swiss cities as a family. But we didn’t figure out the logistics of family cycling away from home. I could have brought his seat and our helmets and tried to outfit borrowed or rented bikes. But we were trying to pack lightly so lugging a Yepp Mini and 3 bike helmets didn’t seem very practical. We didn’t manage to bike with S on that trip but it got me thinking about how we can keep cycling as a family even when we travel.

Our next trip is next week up to Portland and Seattle. I still don’t want to lug our Yepp Mini and helmets, but am determined to find a way to explore both of those cities by bike with my son. Maybe we can rent a cargo bike or bakfiet? Maybe I can rent or borrow a Yepp seat and some helmets when we get there?

How do other families cycle when they travel away from their own family bikes? Have any suggestions on where to rent a family bike in Portland or Seattle?