Bespoke Transit Solutions, Inc. provides urban transport research, design, and planning services to cities, transit agencies, and international development organizations. While based in Boulder, Colorado, I work internationally. Bespoke Transit is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the states of Colorado and Arizona; as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with Denver's Regional Transportation District (RTD); and as a Minority/Women Business Enterprise with the City and County of Denver. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Aileen Carrigan, Principal & Founder

I design, plan, and help to implement transit services that meet the diverse needs of the public, including pedestrians, bicyclists, women, youth, and people with disabilities.  I bring a user's perspective to the design of passenger information systems, transit infrastructure, and service planning.  My background is in transportation planning and mechanical engineering, and I founded Bespoke Transit Solutions in 2015 to use my interdisciplinary design and planning skills to improve public transportation around the world.

As a Senior Associate at the World Resources Institute, I advanced global research related to public transit, primarily bus rapid transit (BRT). I managed a small team who supported transit projects and programs in Brazil, Colombia, China, India, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and the U.S. My published research focuses on social, environmental, and public health impacts of transport; cost-benefit analysis of BRT systems; national transit investment programs; best practices in public transit marketing and communications; and BRT implementation guidelines.  

With a fellowship from Harvard University, I had the unique opportunity to embed myself as a transportation planner within Johannesburg's department of transport, supporting the design and implementation of the Rea Vaya BRT system ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Previously, I also contributed to bicycle and wheelchair fabrication enterprises in developing countries. 

I hold a Master in Urban Planning from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.