Public transportation has to compete with the myriad other, well-marketed, on-demand, sexy transport options. The key is providing high-quality public transportation services and networks. People want affordable and convenient services that are easy to use. That means transportation designed for real people, connected into a seamless network. 

Transport Users

Affordable Transit

Building operating and maintaining infrastructure is expensive. And cities are strapped for money. On a modest budget, how can cities build public transportation that’s still high-quality, efficient and user-friendly? Bus rapid transit is an option that gets the job done. BRT can be a high-capacity, efficient and cost-effective solution.


Effective Performance

It is good public policy to analyze whether public investments meet their desired goals. Governments and transit agencies should monitor the performance of transportation services to understand whether the investment was effective and if impacts like emissions and congestion are trending in the right direction. This performance history should inform future transportation investments and policy decisions. 

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